How To Stop Brute Force Attacks In WordPress

How To Stop Brute Force Attacks On Your WordPress Blog

A few weeks ago, our websites were under attack by a group of hackers.

They were using a “brute force” attack method, which involves repeatedly trying to guess our passwords, to the tune of over 100 requests per minute.

Aside from the security risks if you don’t have strong passwords in place, this also slows your websites to a complete halt.

And that’s what happened to us.

Our prospects, customers and clients could no longer access our websites.

We lost a ton of sales from potential customers, but luckily our customers are awesome so they understood completely, but it still threw a spanner in the works!

Eventually after trying multiple methods over a week of trial and error, we fixed this annoying issue for good.

In this blog post, I’d like to share exactly what we did in case you have a similar problem – and also to prevent it happening to you in the future.

Why Perfectionism Kills Businesses

Why Perfectionism Kills Businesses

Ever been in the situation where you’re taking a long time to slightly move one element on a page, changing the wording or colors on a page, or holding back on launching your website because it’s “not just right” yet?

If you have, the chances are that you have a fatal disease – perfectionism.

Of course it’s not going to result in YOUR death (unless you’re too busy tweaking things to remember to drink, eat and sleep!), but instead, your business’s death.

This is because when you’re busy making sure everything is perfect, your business isn’t out there getting customers and making a profit.

Fortunately, there IS a way to fix it…

Get Testimonials

How To Get Testimonials For Your New Product

After you’ve finished creating a brand new product, the time comes to write the sales page for it…

Whether you get your sales copy written by a professional copywriter (recommended) or write it yourself, you’ll realize that one of the key elements of a profitable sales page is having some form of testimonials from other people who’ve already used your product.

Without these testimonials, people will have to “take your word for it” – which rarely happens – leaving you with a low conversion rate and a massive lack of sales.

BUT we have a problem…

How can you get testimonials if people haven’t bought your product yet?

… It’s a “catch 22 situation”!

However the good news is that you can get testimonials whether you currently have an audience or not.


Top 5 Squeeze Page Mistakes

Your squeeze page MUST convert your traffic into leads and subscribers well – otherwise you’ll find it insanely difficult to get any kind of results from your online business.

Unfortunately, most people screw up this step and end up with low opt-in rates of below 25% – whereas you should be aiming for above 40% at the very minimum.

So whether you’ve yet to create your squeeze page or are currently struggling to get results, here are the most common mistakes to avoid…