Safeguarding Your Success

Safeguarding Your Success

As my loyal subscribers and customers will know, all my websites were hacked and deleted (including my online backups) last week. Along with a few other issues I was experiencing at the time, this quickly brought my entire online business to its knees.

In retrospect, I could have made things less annoying in this situation – so here’s exactly how you should avoid the same fate…

First, backups are your lifeline if when the proverbial hits the fan.

Luckily, I always back up my static web pages on an external hard drive every month, meaning I could simply drag and drop them back onto my empty hosting account, then re-create the most recent files from my computer’s hard drive. This meant I was able to get the majority of my important web pages back online quickly to minimize disruption.

But unfortunately that doesn’t include WordPress pages, such as my product members areas and main blog. As WordPress stores all your web page data in a database, you also need to be sure you’re backing up your databases from within your cPanel, too. Although, there are many awesome plugins out there which do this automatically for you (including “WP Twin”) to remove all effort.

As I didn’t have the luxury of restoring my databases, I had to re-create all my WordPress sites from scratch. The two websites which saved my life here were Google Search and the Wayback Machine.

With Google Search, I could simply search for my websites, click on the green down arrow next to each listing, and click on “Cached” to view an earlier saved version of the page. Along with the Wayback Machine doing a similar thing for the pages which weren’t found in Google, this allowed me to copy and paste my way to victory in just a few days.

Now, it’s all good knowing what to do if/when your website gets hacked, but how can you prevent it?

There will always be loopholes and ways for hackers to get into your website, so you can’t stop it altogether – BUT you can try your best to make it as difficult as humanly possible for them.

This includes:

  • Always using secure passwords (I use Strong Password Generator).
  • Always updating all your website scripts (including WordPress, your themes, plugins, etc) to the latest version – as these updates usually cover up security vulnerabilities.
  • Changing your passwords every 2-3 months.
  • Following the wealth of guidance to make your WordPress blogs more secure.

Next, one of the “other issues” I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post was down to the thing all business owners love – tax payments!

Even though I was expecting a fairly large tax bill due to my earnings last year, I was shocked when the reality of a tax bill for multiple tens of thousands of dollars (“due now”) hit me.

Now believe me, when you’re earning a lot of money for all the hard work you put into your business, the LAST thing you want to do is put that money away for the tax man. I used the majority of my money last year to enjoy a luxurious month-long vacation in Italy with my wife, several other vacations, frequent trips to the cinema and fancy restaurants, Lamborghini and Ferrari experience days, and more fun stuff.

Obviously those things are much more exciting (and are possibly the reasons why you started this business in the first place), so you’ll come up with a ton of excuses not to put money aside for your tax payment, such as “I have a while to go until it becomes important”, or my personal favorite phrase, “I’ll use the money to re-invest into my business and pay the tax with the profits”.

But take it from me… Do not follow my example.

When you see that whopping great tax payment the government is demanding you to pay, it’s like Adonis himself has given you a quick kick to the nutsack. It’s definitely not something you want to experience, and it’s definitely going to hurt for a very long time.

So avoid all this by putting a reasonable amount of money aside every month towards your tax bill, as it’ll make things a heck of a lot easier for you. I fortunately managed to pay mine off within a few weeks of very hard work (as anybody can get money together if they’re serious enough and if they put their mind to it), but it could have been avoided altogether if I’d have followed the advice in this post.

In summary, when you’re moving forward with your business and things are looking better than ever, there will always be sinister opportunities just waiting to screw everything up when you least expect it. So take the necessary precautions and use protection. Your business and your lifestyle will than you for it.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

Redefining Failure

Redefining Failure

When growing your online business, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly “stuck in a rut” or in a constant state of failure. And of course, failure is painful (physically and mentally) – that’s why we try to avoid it.

However, failure is an essential part of your everyday life, and happens to everyone.

Every day, I fail at least three times in my business. Whether it’s a new split test idea, marketing campaign, traffic generation tweak, technical gremlins or similar, I wake up in the morning already knowing that things probably aren’t going to go the way I’d like – and that’s ok!

How can I be so confident? Because I know I’m still heading in the right direction overall – and assuming you’re actually making some progress in your business, you should too.

If I (just a normal guy who used to work in a grocery store) can do this – not to mention thousands of other people around the world who have overcome their failures and are now living their dreams, so can you.

Instead of succumbing to failure and letting it control you – or worse, NOT taking as much action as you should for the fear of failure – you need to just accept it as an important part of the journey.

Like a muscle, if you don’t stretch yourself by failing all the time, then your business isn’t going to grow stronger as a result of those failures.

In other words, don’t worry about the failures. It’s all about continuous improvement.

If a lower amount of your traffic converted into leads than you expected, that’s not failing. That’s just your campaign giving you a benchmark to improve upon in the future.

If you’re paying too much for your advertising, then does it mean your entire business is doomed? No! You can simply tweak your ads to cost less per click.

If you’re not converting enough of your leads into sales, then is the universe going to collapse in on itself? Of course not! You can now improve every element within your sales process and make your website copy more compelling.

Plus, if you’re regularly failing, you aren’t truly “failing” anyway, as true failure is when you’ve exhausted all possible options and you have nowhere to turn. Anything less is just a small bump in the road towards your destination.

So take a minute to redefine your failure right now. You’ll not only feel a lot better about your progress so far, but also the opportunities waiting for you in the future, too.

Have a great day,
- James Francis.

Key To Success

The REAL Key To Success In Your Online Business

There’s a reason why I post more stuff about mindset than actual strategies on my Facebook Page and to my subscribers

The strategies and proven blueprints are everywhere (including my own programs), so the actual PATH to achieve your goals ISN’T the issue.

The issue is the roadblocks that we create for ourselves on a daily basis, in the form of procrastination, self-induced overwhelm, an endless supply of limiting beliefs, or some other BS excuse we keep telling ourselves to keep us firmly planted to the ground.

The reason why I am (probably) getting more results than you is NOT down to the system I’m following – as I share that with my customers on a daily basis – but the mindset behind everything I do.

When I look at new offers being presented to me, I don’t think, “can I buy this?”. I instead analyze the offer and see if I can learn anything from their marketing.

When I start work in the morning, I don’t move from Facebook to my email inbox, to my earnings statistics and back to Facebook again. I instead start at the top of my “to do” list with an activity which will move my business forward and get the most results possible.

When I implement a new strategy into my business or tweak an existing one, I don’t judge it based on what I want, but what my customers want.

In other words, I have a SELLER mindset instead of a BUYER mindset.

If you sell more than you buy – you win.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what your current circumstances are, your available time or money to invest, your upbringing or anything else. You can do this just like many others before you.

Sure – being in the right situation to begin with is going to give you a smoother ride, but time and time again I see people move from unbelievably terrible circumstances to a new world of success in their online business. And the reality is, there’s no solid reason why you can’t too.

Forget about your excuses and claim your rightful place on this Earth – or someone else will.

To your success,
- James Francis.

Digital Prosperity

How To Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Clients Who You Enjoy Working With

If you’re currently attracting less-than-ideal prospects, customers or clients into you online business who don’t appreciate your content, don’t take action on your training and are generally frustrating to work with – then it’s because you haven’t focused on ONLY attracting your ideal clients into your business.

Here’s how to fix it…

Digital Prosperity

How To Structure Your Sales Process For The Most Profit And Client Transformation

Your sales process is responsible for around 95% of your results from your traffic (with only around 5% of the results coming from the traffic “quality” itself).

After all, if people were walking past a gigantic unappealing pile of faeces, it doesn’t matter HOW MANY people saw it – they would all walk away as quickly as possible. However, if there was something more appealing, such as a twenty dollar bill, most people would pick it up! So it’s all about making your “offer” as compelling as possible to your audience.

That’s why I’ve just recorded a brand new video tutorial which reveals exactly how to structure your online sales process for the most profit and client transformation – with the least time and effort.

Watch it here…

Digital Prosperity

How To Transform Your Knowledge Into A Six-Figure Online Coaching Business

If you have valuable knowledge to share, you could make your online business a LOT more profitable than simply selling low-priced products.

Instead, you could be working with much more serious, committed clients who pay you upwards of $1,000 per sale because of the immense transformation you give them as a result of your advice.

Here’s exactly how to identify your “hidden” knowledge and transform it into a best-selling high-ticket coaching program…

Generate Ideas For New Content

How To Generate Ideas For New Content

Ever sat down and stared blankly at your computer screen, feeling completely lost at what to write about?

It’s a common problem for most information marketers, as you don’t just want it to be average – you want it to be GREAT, right?

But if you use the right strategies, you can generate ideas effortlessly – without having to settle for less-than-perfect content or hire a boring content writer (or even worse, automated software!) to do it for you.

Here’s what I do…

Firstly, this entire process becomes much easier if you’re in close communication with your market.

After all, if you’re speaking to people on a daily basis and working closely with your customers, they’ll straight-up TELL you what problems they’re currently having.

And “tada!” – you have a problem or topic to write about.

If you’re not currently that close to your audience and are hiding behind emails, then…

1) That’s going to really harm your online business’s profit, as how can you cater to their needs if you don’t know what they are?


2) You need to BECOME closer to your market to really know and understand what they’re going through.

So create a Facebook community for your products, create a Facebook page for your brand and regularly post new tips, send an anonymous survey to your email list simply asking them what they need help with, or anything to get closer to what your market really thinks and feels.

Then simply create content based around this feedback.

However – what if you’re in the beginning stages and don’t have an audience yet?

Thankfully there are still ways you can generate ideas simply by observing your market.

To start, you should visit a popular forum or message board in your niche (just Google “[your niche] forum”, e.g. “dog training forum”) and spend 10-15 minutes scrolling through the threads, seeing what kind of problems people are having and what they’re currently talking about.

For example, if somebody asks how to get their dog to stop barking, you have an idea right there!

If somebody asks why their squeeze page isn’t converting well, then you could talk about the biggest mistakes which most people make on their squeeze page.

If somebody asks why they’re exercising but putting on weight, you can address that issue in detail.

Do you see how all of these strategies rely on being in touch with your audience? That’s the key.

As long as you’re truly in touch with your audience and know what they think, feel and are struggling with, you’ll never have great difficulty generating ideas for new content ever again.

Simply find out what they want, then give it to them.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

One Word To Double Sales

The One Word To Double Your Sales

“Hey, Bob just launched his new offer! Go buy it!”

How many times have you heard phrases like this? Maybe one per week? One per day? Or maybe even more than that?

And better yet, do you remember, trust and buy from the people who sent you those emails?

Usually this style of promotion comes from “me too” marketers, who are always struggling to grow their sales and find it difficult to keep a consistent weekly profit.

But then you have another breed of marketers.

They understand that “me too” marketing doesn’t get you very far, and that to grow your sales and generate a consistent revenue, you need to always focus on one word…


Without your own personal brand, YOU are just another “me too” marketer amongst thousands of others doing exactly the same thing, and limiting your potential massively as a result.

Essentially, branding is just a fancy way of saying “stand out from the crowd!”.

But it doesn’t mean you have to dress up as a clown or something equally as weird. Instead, just show your audience why you’re different than everyone else out there.

Firstly, you should always use your first and last name in every piece of content you put out there, as it helps your audience to link your name with valuable advice, so whenever they see your name in the future, they remember you and think, “hey, this person gives me great content!”.

So obviously this means you shouldn’t use anything like “Cool Business LLC” as your “From” name when emailing your subscribers, as they’ll skim right past your email because they have no idea who you are (and if you’re doing this because you don’t want your name associated with your aggressive marketing, maybe you need to get a reality check on why people buy).

Instead, always use your first and last name on a consistent basis, so they can remember who you are and pay attention to what you have to say. This will not only increase your open rates of your emails, but also the response rates for the rest of your marketing, too.

Secondly, you need to show people why they should listen to YOU over everyone else. The best way of doing this is by simply being yourself and showing your personality at all times. Yes – this includes telling them your likes, dislikes, being friendly and having a real voice (not just what you should be doing because you learned it in some course).

Think of it this way… What experts do you pay attention to the most? If you really think about it, you’ll find that you’re initially attracted to people because of their personality and their own “voice”, instead of their ability to copy and paste emails all day long.

Oh – and don’t try copying anyone else’s style either, because aside from it being hard work to keep up the façade, your audience will always be able to tell and simply distrust you even more.

You have a personality – so show it!

Thirdly, you need to be willing to actually help people. You can try hard selling all day long without providing any value, but sooner or later your prospects are going to burn out and you’ll have to spend more money replenishing them, only for the cycle to continue forever more – making it near impossible to grow your income.

The real growth in your business comes when you focus on providing value to your audience and having their best interests at heart – as you’ll always be focused on helping them overcome their core issues.

When you do this, your audience will trust you more, respond to your marketing a lot better, and will always be willing to pay higher prices for your help – because they know you can change their lives with the guidance you have to offer.

There are many more things we can talk about, but the main lesson is this…

Don’t be a “me too” marketer. Instead, share your true personality with your audience and be known for being you.

It will help to attract your ideal customers and not only make you feel much happier about your business, but it’ll be a lot more profitable, too.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

Are You In The Wrong Niche?

Are You In The Wrong Niche?

When most people start their online business, they usually enter the “Internet Marketing” or “make money online” niche, because that’s their own end goal, and they want to help other people do the same.

And there’s nothing wrong with that – except you have no results or experience to draw on.

This means they’ll usually start as just an affiliate, and quickly find that many avenues to make money are completely blocked because they don’t – and can’t – create their own offers (yet).

Even after trying everything, they simply can’t get their online business to become profitable because:

  • They don’t know what to say to their audience
  • They have nothing to teach their audience
  • They have no actual results to prove their content actually works

If you can relate to this, you need to ask yourself a simple but important question:

“Am I focusing on this niche just because I see it as ‘easy’?”

If the answer is yes, you’ll find it extremely difficult to make a decent amount of progress, and potentially face being in exactly the same situation a few years down the line from now.

(In fact, if you still haven’t reached a $1,000 per month income from your niche after implementing a proven system, then this big whopping error of judgement is probably why.)

Instead, you should always enter a niche where you have the following 5 important things…

  1. Skills
  2. Knowledge
  3. Experience
  4. Passion
  5. Profitability

If you lack any of these, then you’ll find yourself going round in circles for many years to come.

And no – you don’t need to be the world’s best expert at your niche.

You just need to have enough skills, knowledge, experience and passion to share with your audience, so they can perceive you as the expert (because you know more about the topic than they do).

Once you have all 4 of these important criteria in your niche, THEN (and only then) do you look for profitability.

In other words, profitability comes last.

(After all, you’ll make zero profit if you enter a “profitable” niche with nothing of value to share.)

And if you really think about it, everyone has experience or passion in some area…

  • Maybe you can share your experiences from your job? e.g. Personal trainer? Financial advisor? Realtor?
  • Maybe you have a hobby you’re passionate about? e.g. Sports coach? Playing an instrument? Photography?
  • Maybe you’re just interested in becoming an expert in an area? e.g. Dog training? Life coach? Cooking?

There are no shortage of niches, and none of them will ever become too “saturated” for a newly-perceived expert to add value.

When you follow this advice, you’ll never have a problem with motivation, creativity or confidence ever again.

So are you in the wrong niche?

Or do you meet the above 5 criteria?

Follow this simple exercise now, as it could change your life forever.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis.

Free Content VS Straight To A Paid Offer

Free Content VS Straight To A Paid Offer?

Let’s talk about strategy for a few minutes…

When you’re yet to make your first $10,000 online, the typical mindset is “I want to make money as quickly as possible!”.

That’s why most beginners usually set up their sales funnel without any kind of value-giving process in mind, as they’re often focused on their own results (not the customers’ results from their recommendations).

This means they usually send their new subscribers straight to a paid offer, and structure a follow-up sequence to persuade them to buy this main offer, along with others in the future.

This is the easiest way to create a sales funnel, as it allows you to start making money a lot quicker than most other sales funnel strategies (and is the method I teach in my Six Figure Shortcut program, because of how easy it is to set up and start making money with).

But then once you have these foundations laid, you quickly find yourself either lacking results (due to the lack of value you’re providing in your sales process), or if you do get results, wanting to improve those results a lot more.

That’s when, with the correct guidance, most people begin the value-giving process.

This involves giving away some kind of content (e.g. a video tutorial on a specific topic, or even a brief video series) for free, as it establishes yourself as an authority figure and generates trust with your new audience.

Note: This “authority” status is perceived by your audience (even if you’re just a beginner) because you’re putting yourself out there. “If Bob speaks about health and fitness, Bob is therefore an expert on the topic.”

This allows more sales in the both short term and the long term.

In fact, here were my “short term” test results on this process…


… Which shows a 59% increase in immediate sales (not counting the value-packed follow-up sequence), just by sending them to some valuable free content first.

(And this is why I teach this strategy to my more committed coaching clients and Online Income Masterclass members.)

Sure – it’s a little more difficult and complex, but you’ll often get much better results.

So in short…

If you want to generate money in the easiest way possible and don’t really want massive results (or the ability to scale quickly), then simply redirect your new subscribers directly to your main paid offer, being sure to persuade the remaining prospects to buy via your follow-up sequence.

However – if you want to earn much more money from your short-term “impulse” sales and long-term follow-up sequence (just from spending an extra 3-7 days creating the content), then always provide free guidance in the form of a video tutorial (video is best for building authority status and trust) before recommending a paid offer to them.

As always, it’s all about standing out in the crowd and helping your audience with their problems.

To your success!
- James Francis.