Flavor Of The Month Marketing

The Downward Spiral Of “Flavor Of The Month” Marketing

Every few months, there seems to be a new product launched in the “internet marketing”/”make money online” industry which leads people astray with their online business into a brand new trap to delay their success even further…

Just recently it was selling services to offline businesses, then it was selling WSOs, then it was selling t-shirts via TeeSpring, then it was selling high-ticket offers, now it’s selling products on Amazon… And the onslaught of new strategies will continue forever more.

Does this mean that the methods don’t work? Of course not!

They ALL work – but as with every business model, ONLY if…

Safeguarding Your Success

Safeguarding Your Success

As my loyal subscribers and customers will know, all my websites were hacked and deleted (including my online backups) last week. Along with a few other issues I was experiencing at the time, this quickly brought my entire online business to its knees.

In retrospect, I could have made things less annoying in this situation – so here’s exactly how you should avoid the same fate…

Digital Prosperity

How To Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Clients Who You Enjoy Working With

If you’re currently attracting less-than-ideal prospects, customers or clients into you online business who don’t appreciate your content, don’t take action on your training and are generally frustrating to work with – then it’s because you haven’t focused on ONLY attracting your ideal clients into your business.

Here’s how to fix it…

Digital Prosperity

How To Structure Your Sales Process For The Most Profit And Client Transformation

Your sales process is responsible for around 95% of your results from your traffic (with only around 5% of the results coming from the traffic “quality” itself).

After all, if people were walking past a gigantic unappealing pile of faeces, it doesn’t matter HOW MANY people saw it – they would all walk away as quickly as possible. However, if there was something more appealing, such as a twenty dollar bill, most people would pick it up! So it’s all about making your “offer” as compelling as possible to your audience.

That’s why I’ve just recorded a brand new video tutorial which reveals exactly how to structure your online sales process for the most profit and client transformation – with the least time and effort.

Watch it here…

Digital Prosperity

How To Transform Your Knowledge Into A Six-Figure Online Coaching Business

If you have valuable knowledge to share, you could make your online business a LOT more profitable than simply selling low-priced products.

Instead, you could be working with much more serious, committed clients who pay you upwards of $1,000 per sale because of the immense transformation you give them as a result of your advice.

Here’s exactly how to identify your “hidden” knowledge and transform it into a best-selling high-ticket coaching program…

Generate Ideas For New Content

How To Generate Ideas For New Content

Ever sat down and stared blankly at your computer screen, feeling completely lost at what to write about?

It’s a common problem for most information marketers, as you don’t just want it to be average – you want it to be GREAT, right?

But if you use the right strategies, you can generate ideas effortlessly – without having to settle for less-than-perfect content or hire a boring content writer (or even worse, automated software!) to do it for you.

Here’s what I do…

One Word To Double Sales

The One Word To Double Your Sales

“Hey, Bob just launched his new offer! Go buy it!”

How many times have you heard phrases like this? Maybe one per week? One per day? Or maybe even more than that?

And better yet, do you remember, trust and buy from the people who sent you those emails?

Usually this style of promotion comes from “me too” marketers, who are always struggling to grow their sales and find it difficult to keep a consistent weekly profit.

But then you have another breed of marketers.

They understand that “me too” marketing doesn’t get you very far, and that to grow your sales and generate a consistent revenue, you need to always focus on one word…

Are You In The Wrong Niche?

Are You In The Wrong Niche?

When most people start their online business, they usually enter the “Internet Marketing” or “make money online” niche, because that’s their own end goal, and they want to help other people do the same.

And there’s nothing wrong with that – except you have no results or experience to draw on.

This means they’ll usually start as just an affiliate, and quickly find that many avenues to make money are completely blocked because they don’t – and can’t – create their own offers (yet).

Even after trying everything, they simply can’t get their online business to become profitable because:

  • They don’t know what to say to their audience
  • They have nothing to teach their audience
  • They have no actual results to prove their content actually works

If you can relate to this, you need to ask yourself a simple but important question:

“Am I focusing on this niche just because I see it as ‘easy’?”

If the answer is yes…